White Heart - Independence Day lyrics
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White Heart - Independence Day lyrics

Listen to our declaration
Listen to our testament
We've been given a revelation
We are sure of where we stand
So let the banner be unfurled
We've found the light of hope in a dying world
Hear the myth of modern man
You're the god of your own land
They call you weak a spineless fool
Say you've given up your right to rule
But I have been to the land of me
And I know I was never free
Freedom came when I gave it all away
That's why I call it independence day
Call it independence day
Let the rockets blaze across the sky
Raise the flag of faith up high
Let the doubters call it what they may
It's independence day
The world can crown another hundred kings
But I believe in better dreams
They may call it slavery
But the biggest chain I knew was me
So the idols tumble down
The walls of lies crumble to the ground
I know where salvation can be found
Let the idols tumple down

So join in the celebration
It's the birth of a holy nation
As people of light we are proud to say
It's independence day
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