Papoose - If I Die lyrics
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Papoose - If I Die lyrics

I cock the chron
It happens fast you won't make it to the car...
You won't make it to the car...
You won't make it to the car...
I'm a gun cocker we don't run around with just one
My teflon stopping niggas buzz they buzz stoppers
See you like hopping in the club what's up partner
Catch u club hopping clap one of you club hoppers
Say they wanna holla at me tell em to come holla
I gurantee you they get buck like one dollar
Got my city down but I ain't a truck driver
It stands for chopping down lames BLUK BLUKKA!
Your girlfriend sick of you she don't get fucked proper
Said she needs some sexual healing from the love doctor
You be mean mugging I see you a mug watcher
Chase you out your shoes leave you running with one
Give him a blood bath get washed up proper
Then send his blood down the drain pull out the tub
Nicest living
Write with wisdom
Strike him with the knife and rip him
Liars on the mic be spitting bullshit like mike and
Say I'm not scientific
Man I'm quick to line a critic
Gun right behind his fitted
Wasn't me the iron did it
Matter of fact I admit it
'Cause it was his time to get it
Niggas say they living for the money now they dying in
Nicest in a cypher since my son was in his diaper
Hyper even triffler since they gave my cousin life in
Find me on a flyer winning higher than a flight
Write it then recite it spitting fire like M. Bison
You don't help the lifers' bidding
You don't make a rikers visit
You don't send a kite to clinton
You don't make the right decisions
Rifle in a tight position
Snipe you with the right precision
You gon' need a helmet 'cause it's like a motor bike
Say they living living life of christians
Skiffling just like a villain
They should pay the price for sending triffling despite
I got some exciting lyrics
Different dynamite and wicked
Scary like a psycho spirit
Deeper than a hydroglifics
Jewels on your highness is the brightest like
Chains that can blind your vision
Shinning with em diamonds in em
Shaking but she likes the shivering sexer in the right
Leaving that vagina dripping
Pipe a different type of woman
Man I'm getting tired of flipping
Watching all the buyers sniffing
Now I'm on a violent mission
You ask my prior victim
You ain't the flyest 'cause you get it on [?], listen
Buy it from suppliers then I cook it right inside the
King of New York the new edition like Micheal [?]
Punch em 'til they lifeless it's [?] Like Tyson did it
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