Papoose - Backwards Freestyle lyrics
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Papoose - Backwards Freestyle lyrics

I was outside chillin' in my house
It was nighttime so the sun was out
I drunk my food and ate my water
In the middle of the block, standing on the corner
Some pregnant man went into labor
This illiterate dude was reading the newspaper
All of that liquor must've got me high
It was raining outside so the ground was dry
Two non-violent dudes started to fight
He reached in his pocket and shot em with a knife
The dude came back and stabbed him with a gun
The man in the wheelchair started to run
You couldn't even hear it it was so damn loud
The cats started barking, the dog said meow
Uh oh, somebody must've called the cops
I guess the deaf man must've heard the shots
If you don't believe me my story's true
Ask the blind man he saw it too
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