Papoose - Crooklyn Remake lyrics
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Papoose - Crooklyn Remake lyrics

You ride the Brooklyn bridge straight off the FD yard
Get off in down town now I'm in BK y'all
Some people see me and scream thuga
Other say, are you Papoose?
I say nah, that's my bruda
I'm not a joker life is serious as cancer
You ask a stupid question
I give you a stupid answer
New York I was supposed to be the savior
Guess I was blinded, couldn't see the haters
I been to Big Apple wasn't the sweetest flavor
Disagree now, you'll be agreeing later
My mama always told me to never eat from strangers
Cut my throat they fed me a razor
My cousin said goodbye, I appreciate her
I never seen her again, Rest in peace Deasha
Goodbyes is forever, do me a favour
Never say goodbye, say see you later
I'm a real artist I could never be a faker
The way I serve these dudes I should be a waiter
In the studio session I speak it greater
More sessions than that new kid on the lakers
New York times put Nicky Bars on the cover
It read Mr. Untouchable black brother
Jimmy Carter called the DEA and sent the men
He said he wanna prosecute them so he sentenced them
But when Obama said Trevon resembled them
Nobody hurried to arrest George Zimmerman
It's not black and white it's not a contest
It's just wrong and right I wish 'em all the best
I wish harm on no man God bless
We all gotta see world peace like our test
Some of these dudes got alot of goals
Get a little high and can't return calls
You on fire, use that fire to earn my nigga
But you shouldn't use that fire to burn my brain
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