Papoose - Burn Remix lyrics
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Papoose - Burn Remix lyrics

Lames getting me vex
Bang off the reflex
Drown in the streets
I ain't see a good key yet
Holes in his white T shoot him in his V neck
Bring drama to your door step UPS
Bullets hit the chamber and the shells hit the seaman
Make a nigga do the harlem shake like G depp
'Cause we dress the impress yes, they know we fresh
Man they er'thing got no class went to recess
Bang bang, stand now how my actions never regret
My homeboy used to fish tell me in the GS
My man putting work can't believe he hesitated
Took the gun out of his hand
Told him ain't thug-educated
'Cause me, I would've aired that shit
Ask the boys in your hood how I clear that strip
To all the lames that be dissing
You pray to God that you don't see me
I'm a big ass on front street
In HD and 3d
Mac a zombie and benjamins
You get washingtons like DC
Can't saboutage my catalogue
So I laugh at y'all like he he
Lame you a reject, he gon' need 3 vests
Boy I run the city pop the clip when they eject
Blunt homies berreting crispy getting they crack in
Blow your money while you stack in
Now put the man in Manhattan
They say life is short but I bet you
You can play russian roulette with my ratchet
'Cause it's smith the west and I hit perfections
And get this ratch in this rappers
I say dug up, you heard it that
After course we heard of that
Take one of the after go do the chucks
We're off your bush you murder back
1.5 I tuck that put it in a hole like fold rap
Throw for your man down he raining
He should've sworn back
I hooked on that nigga, may weather that lame
Getting money trigger happy papi
I stressed up I got know slake
That's because I do hoe, more shells then nuro
My move's pretty meditated I planned it
You wanna talk, or you wanna play
I be laughing at these lames er'day
Boss on sale weed booyay
When you see 'em in the streets
They ain't moving what they say
Man these niggas is burns
Man these niggas is burns
Man these niggas is burns
Man these niggas is burns
They say they on fire walking on with wires
They ain't nothing but some liars
I'm a sayan man these niggas is burns
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