Papoose - Let Em Die lyrics
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Papoose - Let Em Die lyrics

[Intro: Papoose]
Let 'em die [x3]
Let 'em die [x4]
Live and let die, them niggas tellin' lies, I've never
seen a city that's as real as NY
He a leg shooter, I'm a give him lead pie, we hit 'em
head high cause we live in Bed-Stuy
I'm out that borough I'm thorough I let them ninas off
He said he dirty, ya heard me? Well I'm a clean him off
They say they G's, you meet 'em and they be seemin'
Untill you look in my eyes, you never seen a boss
I did the most in New York, time to reinforce
Damn... pardon my swag, I ain't mean to floss
You walk the strip, I'm selfmade like (meek and ross?)
We crucify 'em in the streets, we don't need a cross
I'm never happy with death, went with my team, I'da
seen all kinda dough
All kinda queens, all kinda broads, all kinda chicks,
all kinda girls, all kinda hoes
I've been in all kinda cars, trucks motorcycles,
jetskis, airplanes, jets all kinda boats
I did it bigger, seein more money, be trickin' on women
and I've put the tip of my dick in all kinda throats
I've been in crack spots, selling black tops, shooting
laptops, yes Pap got all kinda quotes
Use gun play from monday to sunday, hit your Hyundai,
one day we all gotta go
Producers, rappers and singers one thing you all gotta
Papoose Papoose that's who, pass you, blast you, bad
news, that rudeboy gotta blow!
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