Johnny Winter - Avocado Green lyrics
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Johnny Winter - Avocado Green lyrics

Gentlemen and ladies
Please listen to me
She's gone this time for good now
That's not where she's supposed to be
The Greyhound man he took her
To where she can't be seen
Am I gonna need her?
Is an avocado green?
Sure you say I should face it
But the wound is open wide
And it's really hard to replace it
When she's the only thing I've ever tried
Several of my two friends
Wrote to me about how
They seen ya out with bookends
How many can you take on now?
I got the police ridin'
Around and in between
Were you safely hidin'
As an avocado green?
Matter of factly speakin'
I'm suffering but please don't tell
At lunch I was caught sneakin'
To get a drink at the big blue inkwell
But tomorrow I can kick it
For my horoscope plainly reveals
I'm gonna inherit a fortune
But not to spend it on an African seal
Well baby, you're not with me
And I didn't wanna be mean
But do they call it envy
If an avocado's green?
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