Thunder - Stand Up lyrics
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Thunder - Stand Up lyrics

When you get up late for work in the morning
And somebody's broken into your car
Makes you feel like killing
Maybe you'd be willing
But you don't have to take it that far
Stand up, say who cares and stand up
Cos when things drag you down
You can't take it sitting down
Stand up
You catch you girl making love with the postman
And they're doing it in your very own bed
She says he's giving her a letter,
I think you should forget her
And go out with her sister instead
Stand up, kick the cat and stand up
Don't go crying on the floor,
Just kick them out the door
And stand up

Every now and then boy
You gotta take it on the chin
It's just another symptom ofthe world we're living in
Everydays a battle,
Sometimes you're gonna bruise
But if you let it get you down you'll lose
Stand up
Sit down

Sunday morning you relax with the papers
All week long you've been working so hard
Then you can't believe what you've seen on the page
About a road they're gonna build through you yard
Stand up, shout about it stand up
you don't have to beg them please
Don't go down on your knees
Stand up
If they're gonna tread on you
make them think before they do
Stand up
Stand up, dont take it lyaing down
Stand up
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