Sublime - Johnny Too Bad Freestyle (rarities Version) lyrics
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Sublime - Johnny Too Bad Freestyle (rarities Version) lyrics

I'm here again
I wanna have sex with you
Let me tell ya let me tell you
Let me tell you what I'm gonna do
I said
We start to love 100 ways
We still love you 5000 ways
But everybody wanna hear me story
That I'm gonna tell you, gonna lovin' story?
It's like I got it back
Runnin' down the road
With a pistol in your hand
Whoa, no, you are the Babylon
Come down
One of one of these days
I'm gonna leave you for
Whoa, no, oh, yeah, go down
Bring it down now, bring it now
Yeah, I want some more, I want some more
Let me know, girl, let me know
Won't you let me know
If you wanna go for a ride?
Oh, no, let me get inside
Oh, no, oh, we, love no one but me
And I'll never, never, never
I'll never set you free
Good gosh, come down, see
I need a love I can rely on
I'll give you my shoulder to cry on
Say you'll never, never, never
Love no one but me
Whoa, a little bitta soul
Yeah, yeah, dance hall
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