X-phaze - Pretend lyrics
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X-phaze - Pretend lyrics

I'm slowly pacing down the street with my face down
I'm feeling like I fell face down
Better late than never, but it's already too late now
The race is over so there's nothing to erase now
And even though I keep my pace now
I feel like I'm being chased down
To a different place now
And there's now escape now
Don't know if I am awake now
Or spaced out
But I know I will never get faked out
Imma get my grind up
Imma get it
I done made my mind up
Let this shit begin
If you with me now
Be down to the end
Homie ain't nothin' changed
I'm going for the win
Cause this ain't just pretend (x4)
(Verse 2)
Man, I be dedicated
And I be underrated
While these overrated rappers are gonna be over exaggerating
About a zany payment that they think will make 'em famous
But nah, what makes you make it is effort and concentration
That's why I give it my all no matter what the circumstance is
Or the challenge that I'm handed even when I'm reprimanded
I can't be distracted cause I'll end up stranded which would be tragic
Single handed, I'm commanding my passage to living lavish
I'm eyeing to ascend
I'm trying to contend
And I'm dying for the win
So if you ain't with me now when I've got struggles and pain
Then don't expect to be in attendance when imma make it to fame
You better remember the name, Phaze
(Verse 3)
Exaggerators, duplicators, imitators and traitors and all the
Haters get the best of me
Fakers get the rest of me
Foes turn into friends and friends just end up being enemies
That's why their entity will never be
Inside my memory
So the make believe cannot mess with me
This aint pretend this is reality
There ain't no run throughs or take twos so the fake fools won't last a
So you can have it all or have a seat
You can face your biggest fears or you can face defeat
See, life is what you make of it
You ache a bit
You take a sip
You aim to hit then miss and wanna quit
But it's too late for it
I favor greatness
Everything is at stake to make it
So I must take the facts and face 'em and forget the fakeness
Focus now or get spaced out
Be strong or you'll break down
Be real or get faked out
Cause this ain't just pretend
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