X-phaze - Don't Funk Up Our Beats 5 lyrics
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X-phaze - Don't Funk Up Our Beats 5 lyrics

When my I'll MIND HOPS IN to the track, Imma spellbind everybody with a rap.
Then imma bring it back to a HAYWIRE day prior to when people did it wack.
Better bet on that. Yeah you can trust me I'm just PSYCHO.
I go michael, I'm so gyro. When I rap it's a wrap because even I know that.
It's probable that's it's impossible I'm not unstoppable.
Cause I'm passing all my obstacles on the globe.
CAN'T DECIDE if I'll keep the beat alive,
Kill it with the PANS IN THE KITCHEN, or STAB(BED) it with a knife.
Either's aight.
So if you view me as a humble dude then trouble's brewed and I'll make a
Subtle move that'll puzzle fools. I'm coming through to out-hustle you.
Lyrically crossing up you young bloods, hip hop's version of Uncle Drew.
Quick syllables, erratical is how imma go. Panic or you'll have it when I'm
On a roll.
Intangible, infallible. I'm an animal. Manic and I'm automatic in a flow.
Better be hoping you're gonna get a miracle. But it's unlikely now.
I'm the one you clowns used to clown. HOW YA LIKE ME NOW?
And the question isn't a rhetoric. But answer wrong and I'm gonna be
Leaving your face so fu[n]ked up they'll have to make a new emoji for it.
So forfeit.
Or I'll be JARREN (jarrin') you till you look just like a SWIZZZle stick,
Spinning till you quit. Come to think of it. My saliva did it all: it's
Competed in monday night wwe and that is why I spit it RAW. I'm nasty like
Holy smokes, leaving people in awe. You're nasty like ew that's gross.
Leaving me just like awe... Look at that wittle cutie patootie, a rappin
Newbie with his groupies attached, who be the doody and crap. And he be
Soothing me fast, grooving me smoothly. His track's really moving me to a
New bat, making me smack myself 'till I'm blue and a black. Then I'll be
Doing that to all the artists who claim that they are the hardest 'cause
They had a bowl of rocky road. While I'm so hard that I once drove down a
Rocky road eating a rocky road with Dwayne Johnson and Sylvester Stallone.
I'm leaving people in a fear when I'm HERE cause addicted to a style
Different than an average kid's. This toilet paper represents your whole
Career so I half-ripped it.
Then, I went to put it to a use and wiped my ass with it.
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