Chimaira - Scum Of The Earth lyrics
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Chimaira - Scum Of The Earth lyrics

[USB Bonus Track]
It's not the end of the world
But it sure fucking feels that way
Tired of all the complaints
What the fuck is left to say?
We're wasting this life focusing on yesterday
We'll never move forward this way
Now we're feeling the ground shake
Bruised, broken, abandoned
We are the scum of the earth
Cursed, beaten forgotten
I bite down on my tongue
Choking on the bile
This place has become disgraced
And I'd pull out my teeth before I'd smile
Disgusted with the human race
We destroy what we did not create
Be careful when you throw stones
You might get smashed with bricks
We are all diseased and crying inside
It becomes hard to breathe, hard to feel
Knowing nothing will survive
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