Michael Schenker Group - Roll It Over lyrics
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Michael Schenker Group - Roll It Over lyrics

Been drinking something
I shouldn't drink
Somehow you got to me
Ya must gave me a wink
Gotta roll it over
To see the other side
My head is rolling over
Seeing double through my left eye
Intoxicated tussle
At my homestead
Woke up in a hussle
To get you out my bed
Come on roll it over
Give my arm a rest
Ya gotta roll it over
I woke up in a spiders nest
Not to cherry
Scary Mary
I've contracted she
You ain't got nothing
I wanna know
Make like the wind for me
And give yourself a blow
Please roll it over
Let me steal away
Gotta roll it over
It's all too much of a price to pay
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