Casey Veggies - Money Don't Buy Time lyrics
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Casey Veggies - Money Don't Buy Time lyrics

[Verse 1: Casey Veggies]
PNC Polo money get it so dolo
Shining hard, rose gold ever since i went solo
Baby girl she see me respect the fact i be working hard
Graduated high school to the pros then i hit the mall
This for my youngings sitting back in they group homes
Thinking bout why their parents left them needing a new home
Sometimes I sit back, thank god I made new songs
Reality why I'm doing meetings, I'm feeling too on
My reality beat my heart at a casualty
I took it down first and I don't want no one after me
She took the boy to church and made me into pastor meat
I'm thinking bout joining every time I be going in
I've been touring, my whip foreign, was born great
Yo chick worn out and torn, my chick fornicate
Some people fuck with me heavy and there's some people that hate me
One thing they got in common, is that none of them made me
For my time I got money, but money don't buy time
I got ahead, some got left behind
The world is yours, just sign this dotted line
And you can say I made it
[Verse 2: Casey Veggies]
You can say, you can say, you can say I made it
You can say, you can say, you can say I'm crazy
Cause they switch up and they get like that
When shit change it don't get right back
Equipped up with a flashlight
I don't misjudge, get your act right
Like Chris Paul, I'm mad nice
Like Kobe Bryant with a bad wife
Like Casey he a young nigga
That's killin' em, having fun with it
I'm feeling it
So let's go get it with your lil friend, that's so cute
She militant, she salute
Me and my niggas is comin' for millions
The grind is retard, obvious brilliant
Knew I would get it, I guess I'm a psychic
So I caught it, I won it, and I went to price it
In the hood they bang-bang and no, I don't like it
That's cold game, we just letting it rotate
If I never told you one thing
I'm telling you get on your knees and pray
Let a little pain ease away and hope for them easy days
Tryna think if I should leave today
Or go ahead and let you lead the way

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