Casey Veggies - Perfect lyrics
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Casey Veggies - Perfect lyrics

When I was younger, I dreamed of flying...
Dreaming, uh, scheming, imagine that...
I never say never, that's lack of ambition
Lining out tracks, I'm rapping like I'm fishing
Saw Customized Greatly? I was tryna do it different
Young kid doing me, it's like I'm rappin with a mission
Passing through the hood, I knew niggas from the city that ain't really had nothin'
So they started bangin' sixers
My big cousin told me gang-banging ain't good
I really listened to him, cause he was really hood
He was really in the streets, just tryna eat
And I really love dude he was the realest to a G
That's why I'm just spittin, young star on the beat
Cause when I make one, give it to him, he make three
I love my mama man she there for me no matter what
Not saying she know everything I do do, but what is tough
I ain't a bad kid, but regular ain't enough
So I got on my DTA, and that's something you can trust
I ain't perfect, but I'm workin'
I ain't perfect, but I'm workin',*I'm not perfect but,*
I'm not perfect, but I'm workin'
*I'm not perfect but I'm working...*
Pocket full of dreams, was it love or was it lust?
Mountain of success, all the rest ain't enough
I ain't sus, but salty niggas is wack
Just put my shades on and threw on my all black
Was always a cool kid, always know how to act
She just calling my house, I'm like what's up with that?
Always played ball, but then started to rap
I don't know what to love less, so father what's wrong with that
Father you like my brother, I be seeing you and me
I can take care of myself, but at the end it's you and me
I'm so ambitious, my mom said that's true
Cause no matter what, I'm gonna do what I do
Girl you say you love me, then what you gon' do?
Cause I can't play games, and if not we through
I ain't sayin' I'm right, but what you want me to do?
Ain't nobody perfect ask some girls in your crew
I was there for you, you was there for me
But now I feel alone, guess that's how it's gonna be
Have you ever just been irritated with life
If I spit it from the heart then it'd be alright
Used to see her all the time, now I swear she's outta sight
And I can't even give her a phone call outta spite
For myself
but it's cool alone good for my health
And as I look into the future it is good for my wealth
I'm so focused on my life, I'm enjoying myself
The new champ of this rap shit, I need a belt
All my niggas tryna live life perfect, get on the stage go and do your thang don't get nervous
For a purpose you gotta find, I feel like I gotta shine
Diamonds are forever, used to play that shit all the time
It's Young C. Veggies, I'm ready I'm on my grind
About to kill them all, I'm spittin that Columbine
Fosho for the dollar sign, fosho girl I'm outta time(?)
My mind is somewhere else, I'm workin, I'm tryna find myself
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