Casey Veggies - The Weight Of The World Theory lyrics
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Casey Veggies - The Weight Of The World Theory lyrics

Im one of the illest
My chick one in a million
Sometimes we be aruguin'
Sometimes we be chillin'
Sometimes she be startin shit
At times I can't deal with
There's something about worse times that gon' decide how we feelin
My money get up
I might drop in her tummy
You never gon' sell me
My momma she love me
If I was to go down she droppin the money
Top down, ridin round town I'm watchin for funny
That's the police, ex girls, bangers, and junkies
If there's danger amongst me
I ain't running Im gunning
Last night I prayed,
had to cross my hands tuck myself under my covers and hope to just understand
Did I grow up to fast? Or Did I blow up to fast?
Maybe I should take it slow so I don't corrupt my past
This shining tryna get the cash is reluctant task
Specially in L.A place is filled with so much trash
Its getting crazy respect it to check it
You gotta switch that shit up your going in different directions
Man they told me lifes a bitch then you die
But I swear I went fully erected
My city should try me for elections
Your boy so agressive grind everyday
I dont spend much time texting
If theres a sign in my way
I crunch it and eat it for breakfast
I killed the game did my thang made the honor roll
Heart on my sleeve made the kid feel like he got a outer soul
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