Okkervil River - Wake And Be Fine lyrics
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Okkervil River - Wake And Be Fine lyrics

Someone said to me
I'm coming to your dream
And speaking to you
I already knew
I found her in an attic
Where dramatically
She leaned into to me
She whispered these lines
Wake and be fine
You still got time
To wake and be fine
Graces me with more
Embraces in the streets
Say help me to stranger
Grab on to me
Carrying their years around
it's all been chasing down as we rot
Here at the same time
Can we wake and be fine
We still got time
To wake and be fine
Feelings on the creek
The killers in the crowd
I'm coming apart
A child in house
Lovers in the sheets
Dreaming lovers
Sweetly turning asleep
Along the same beats
Everybody's crashing
The world is calling around
The cupboard and things
The cat couldn't sleep
Someone said to me
It's just a dream
Why don't you wake up and you'll see
it's fine
An the miles racing over
endless fields of snow
You've already heard,
You already know
Rescue car finally
lost their heart
And then they Shattered their bones
Died all alone
Ships on broken beach
Pirates sails for water
Hot afternoons
Goodbye and good news
Dreams above ahead
Clouds are hard to crash
Loudly and so
Rocks and go Survive
Wake and be fine
You've still got time
To wake and be fine
You can be fine
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