Sublime - Loser lyrics
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Sublime - Loser lyrics

Think that I'm a loser
Now that my pants are too low
Cause I got holes in my shirt
Think my dog could bite
You think your life is really tough
When your daddy won't buy you a brand new car
Take a girl out
She won't fuck you
You just buy her a gram of coke
Spend all your money on shitty coke
I'm not a loser!
That's right!
I'm not a loser!
I'm not a loser!

Cruisin' down the boulevard
With your mommy's gas
When you're looking for your kicks
On friday night
Only goal in life is to smoke a joint
And decide that you're gonna get laid tonight
You're a fucking son of a bitch
You arrogant asshole
Your pants are too tight
Fuckin' homo
You suck
Cause you butt fuck
You don't belong here
Go away
You fuckin gay
I'm not a loser!
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