Sublime - Angelo lyrics
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Sublime - Angelo lyrics

babe i was thinkin
time we ran away
sounds so good to me
but i am still the boss
no time for funny games
that aint even why i came
baby i'm in love
cause you were messin with a brother under the club
why did i not see
how did i not know
open up the bedroom door
angelo walked through the door
pulled out a shotgun
now i know whats up
but i would still be true to you
i never ever doubt doubt doubt
baby theres no way out
but theres a halo over me
dont stop to think about my wife and family
if i ever realize
that i won the war
i wanted to believe that god's in control
cause i know its true
and i'm alone
baby if i pace my timing will improve
prove, prove, prove, prove
and i play you to make the blind show go on
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