Mott The Hoople - Here We Are lyrics
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Mott The Hoople - Here We Are lyrics

Here we are drifting apart further every day
Friends all say it's not my fault it had to end like this
'Cause I don't know too much about caring
And I don't know the meaning of sharing - everything.
I just couldn't show what you should've known,
To keep you by my side,
I just couldn't say what other people say,
They're words too hard to find
Here we are, we can't look back, we can only live,
Wondering why I can't even cry, I can't do anything,
And I don't even care about tomorrow,
Any love that I need I can borrow, to get me by.
I can never show to anyone I know
The way I feel I do,
But one thing's for sure, in my special way
I'm still in love with you.
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