Johnathan East - The Way I Was Raised lyrics
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Johnathan East - The Way I Was Raised lyrics

You say you never had a man who drove a pick-up truck
And talked with a smooth Southern drawl
And you never seen a blue gill half as big
As the one on my living room wall
I ain't no Ivy League prep school boy
My ol' man ain't too rich
Well, I come down from the country, girl
Raised out in the sticks.

And I may be loud, just a little high strung
And I may talk slow but, honey, I ain't dumb
If I come off proud or maybe set in my ways
Well, don't blame me, that's the way I was raised.

See I was born on a red dirt road
Nothing but mud and dust
Ain't much to do when the sun goes down
Just sit and watch the cows all rust
Guitar pickin' and barbecue chicken
That's what I grew up on
Flyin' up and down the roads on a Saturday night
Just blaring out a country song.

(Repeat Chorus)

Just put me on the bank of the Tallapoosa River
Just south of that Clay County line
With my girl by my side on a hot summer night
Just sippin' that homemade wine.

(Repeat Chorus)

It's just the way I was raised.
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