Johnathan East - A Country Boy Like Me lyrics
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Johnathan East - A Country Boy Like Me lyrics

Well I've heard you talkin' bad about the boys you've
You say a good man's hard to find
They're either young and lazy, or married and crazy
Seems all they do is waste your time
You've been foolin' around with them sorry, low down,
despicable, pitiful guys
And now you're lookin' for one who can suddenly come
And take your little heart by surprise.

What you need is a country boy
Who knows how to treat you right
Fresh off the farm, he'll take you by the arm
And love you like a Saturday night
Well, I don't know much about women and love
But darlin' I do believe
I got a feelin' that all you're needin'
Is a country boy like me.

Well, girl I'm just a bettin' you ain't never been two
Honky tonkin' ?til the break of dawn
You've never been coon huntin', or ate a possum
Or listened to a country song
Now, you need a lover who's a lot more tougher
Than the others you're accustomed to
So, if you need a good fellow, well honey let me tell
I've got the perfect one for you.

(Repeat Chorus)

So won't you let your hair down
Let's head on into town
And kick out of them high heel shoes
I'll take you out to dinner, give you something to
Girl, you ain't got nothing to lose.

(Repeat Chorus)

I got a feelin' that all you're needin' is a country
boy like me.
Aw, little ol' me.
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