Johnathan East - Liquor Is Quicker lyrics
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Johnathan East - Liquor Is Quicker lyrics

In an old smoky bar room
I sat at a table alone
With the sound of the juke box
Playing some sad country song
Well, a waitress walked up
And said, ?What can I get you there, friend?
Said ?I come to get drunk, tell me just what would you
She said

Liquor is quicker
But, I like the taste of the wine
A cold beer can do it
But, it'll take twice the time
Now, I speak the truth
Brother, any old drunk would agree
Liquor is quicker
But, it all does the same now for me.

She started me off with some Jim Beam
And, Lord how it burned
With a glass of tequila
She told me to swallow the worm
Four hours later
I'm still there drinkin' em down
And I just can't quit talkin'
About this new love that I found.

(Repeat Chorus)

Woke up this morning
Passed out on the living room floor
My stomach so full
That I just couldn't take anymore
My head was pounding
And my eyes were hurt by the light
As I remembered the words of that waitress who told me
last night
She said

(Repeat Chorus)

Liquor is Quicker
And it sure did a number on me.
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