Quasimoto - Shroom Music (champion Bound) lyrics
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Quasimoto - Shroom Music (champion Bound) lyrics

Yer... Quasimoto Crew
Yo it's the Loop-Digga
Looky here It's the return again of the beat fixer
Dropping like we on a tape at a [uncomprehendable] mixers
Couldn't comprehend because of ill mystic fixtures
Compose a piece of scenery that will leave a picture
Rebirth cycle, 360 turnaround, outbound
In your ear so you're learning now
Body sounds, karma turn-arounds
[Got you?] (smoking shhh) like you're
bobby brown
It's the champion sound, at least half of it
Ay yo we champion bound, don't try to laugh at it
There ain't no amp in your sound or better yet soul
So I'm turning it down...
It's Lord Quas laying back like I'm paralyzed
The hydro-chronic got me looking like there is a fire in my eyes
Trying to find a better way to cook top ramen
But there ain't one... but anyway ive still got the munchies
I'd make a grilled cheese but there ain't none
I guess i'll have sex to get my mind of food and a big bowl of Chex
Let me get in the mood before my girl gets mad
I keep thinking of food, Taco Bell, Jack In The Box, McDonalds dude
I told my girl that she looked like a pear
(i was hungry I didn't mean anything by it)
I guess that means no sex? (Yep) Damn!
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