Twista - Problems lyrics
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Twista - Problems lyrics

[Intro: x3]
Problems upset you
[Verse 1: Twista]
When I'm on the track you will see accuracy
Actually I know that you will see I come like I got the fully
Automatic for the sent aggression of the problematic and negativity or whoever caused the static
Pick up a rose and sniff a scent if if you think it's magnificent
Stop the stressin or just catch a blessin if it
If it's bills or if it's rent some of us worry some of us don't that's why everybody so different
The only answer to you problems solve em
Stallin is the only thing that can stop a balla
Though world is full of hatred face it
Get out the matrix and let's get back to the basics
Instead of being individual let's practice a ritual and be an indivisible when it's critical
So every time that some drama hit yo doorstep
Gotta try to keep your composure and don't let
[Chorus: x2]
Problems (Don't let)
Problems (You can't let)
Problems (You won't let)
Problems upset you
[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
I'm a problem because I'm different and people don't get it
When I be the clown like a sucka down when I be kickin' my music
Tech is dangerous if you think you can hang with us
Sick in your brain with it when I mangle it know that I break and abuse it
Have you prayin' to God
Cause what I'm sprayin it's odd
And I'm slayin this broad
Tech Nina's layin his ride
I'm insatiable when it comes to be makin this gouda
I'm a sniper killa murderer look out I'm a shoota
A dilema we takin out you beginners comin to my psycho cinema
It's a must that I crush them
If you accustomed to lovey dovey movies
Then you unlucky because they call me Tecca Nina the snuff film
Throwing the fist up
Cause all of my grips up
People was hating but now they zippin their lips up
Neva debated you imitated get ripped up
Stuck off in Necropolis cause Tecca Nina and Twista's a
[Chorus: x2]
Problems (Don't let)
Problems (You can't let)
Problems (You won't let)
Problems upset you
[Verse 3: Twista]
My alien complex can get as lethal as bomb threats
When I put together patterns and concepts
But when it come to dealin with pain and problems and relationships I ain't gonna lie I ain't the bomb yet
What do we need, what's the resolution
It's the restitution or just retribution let's just start a revolution
But wait, I'm hesitant because in fact
How can I fight to be equal if the president is black and a
A Chi Town resident at that
Hope we focus on this instead of wars in Iraq
The future is bright or will it be weary
Do I need to pay attention to conspiracy theories
Is the government systematically destroyin the population for the progress of world domination
Smile, even if the landlord callin
[? ] but that the least of your problems
[Chorus: x2]
Problems (Don't let)
Problems (You can't let)
Problems (You won't let)
Problems upset you
Try not to get worried
Try not turn on to
Problems that upset you
Don't you know
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