Twista - Book Of Rhymes lyrics
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Twista - Book Of Rhymes lyrics

I'm finna flex holdin' them
Picture how I bust at these niggas like Cineplex Odeon
I'm finna step over them, come see how I'm bussin'
Catchin' slugs in your heart and lungs is a deadly repercussion
I got big guns and my bullets is the atheist even though you hate me it's hard to believe like a atheist
Never to offend any Christian if you're listenin' but I be Christ-like and bright white gods, my life is interestin'
6 points of a man than under the body decrescent
Intelligent intellect like the internet I'm omnipresent
Then when the spirit leaves the flesh that God be testin'
Wrapped in a Lynn a coffin the pyramids where I be restin'
Syllables catastrophic to the mind state of a sucker
Complex to a scientific heathen, complicate your mental structure
Circuitry through my lyricism, I spit cyber-Gothic
Hot wires in the cockpit, everything made with fiber optic
Fire in the rocket, takin' me up to the stars
Galactic bars got me sportin' fly cars on Mars
Intricate patterns enablin' me to get money when I be on Saturn
Ain't nobody up in the galaxy willin' to challenge me when I be rappin'
Twista so cold, flow so ridiculous he's so articulus
They got the vapors and none of it he had to write on the paper where he was just spittin' and kickin' it
6 bars at a time, you're thinkin' it's somethin' you like now
Imagine if it was some shit that I chose to write down
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