Joe Budden - Crazy (remix) lyrics
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Joe Budden - Crazy (remix) lyrics

yo, you ever wake up feelin unusual
I mean, it's funny what a bad mood'll do
I know some might say I'm not suitable
or maybe I lost my mind I'm delusional
I mean, when I speak they act like they don't hear me
when I'm on the streets they don't wanna come near me
I'm just a lil different, just a lil wairby
when I'm in the hood be just a lil weary
or maybe that's just how I was raised
tryna find me from ... to the grave
dropped outta school to be around apes
they know I do whatever to be around bapes
started gettin more cream for kicks and more jeans
more vitamins, some weed, a lil morphine
just need to put my soul in the cleaners
please Lord forgive me, I'm on my own penis
am I crazy, cause I really mean this
or all y'all stupid and I'm really a genius
we don't think the same
I'm like Josh Howard, I need time-out but it'll cost the game
bravs nigga, comin at ace nigga
plus in my mind I'm bumpin grave diggers
I'm jacked up and I'm tellin my boys
the room spinnin around like Jamiriquoi
so if you're lookin in and you look at the way things look
it'll look like things are lookin up
when I'm in the stu, though I'm cookin up
my heart's poundin, got chills, I'm shook'n up
I'm outta control, basically a mad man
tryna make boredom, workin with a bad hand
yeah I'm stuck and I'm bleedin so
there's really only one thing that I need to know
I mean
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