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Dessa - Annabelle lyrics

Annabelle, pick up the phone I'm calling from the kitchen we just never seem to listen when we're sharing the same room I'm not sure anymore what might get your attention every day you see me less than you did just the day before Out there in the garden motionless for hours yeah, it's just like there's a statue dressed in Annabelle's old clothes And part of me's afraid to wake you from the dreams you're having scared the scattered pieces won't come back together whole

CHORUS Annabelle, come back to me I'm calling you from home Annabelle, come back to me I'm living here alone

Another quiet evening That book that you've been reading's open but I don't believe I've seen you turn a single page Even here right beside you I barely recognize you you're like a photograph I'm watching fade away I want to shake you I'd prefer that you were angry with me you're like a bird now, looking lost without a cage I don't know what to call it I'm not sure who could solve this problem of a disappearing girl, oh Anna stay


You're in the bathroom with a flashlight you're trying to weigh your shadow yeah, you say it's gotten heavy, hard to drag across the floor Same scene we had last night and I still know what happens to you I just stand here useless, sometimes listen through the door The ringing in your ears has gotten worse it's hard to take you say it sounds like heavy traffic as we're climbing into bed And I believe I almost hear it I know better than to touch you lately praying I don't wake up to the car crash in your head

CHORUS Annabelle, come back to me I'm trying to get through Annabelle, come back to me Or take me there with you
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