Jimmy Buffett - Colour Of The Sun lyrics
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Jimmy Buffett - Colour Of The Sun lyrics

Colour of the Sun (Jimmy Buffett)

Touching down a highwire clown, Balancing his dreams that he's chosen

Northern lights on of victor wand, Melting stream that was frozen.

Bicycles with rusted wheels, The frame in need of adjusting

Red sky night, that brand new feel, Back when the grove wasn't bustling

Working tide will come around again, Serenade love is waiting in the wind

For all your world and treasures, There's nothing to be won

Nothing left to measure, It's you and me and the colour of the sun.

Wild eyed child wonders how, The sky connects to the ocean

Spinning fast, then as now, She's unaware of the motion.

The wise men and the fools keep taking turns, Every day more bridges seem to burn

With all your faults and treasures, Would you trade them for some fun?

What's the price of pleasure? Cause you and me... you can add, subtract, divide, or multiply

Watch the particles collide And trust the stars up in the sky!

Sand dunes gone, snatched by the storm, Are the poles really shifting?

Gypsy rains wash orr the plains, Wooden dreams are still drifting.

The best the times get still somehow be found!

Even the worst of beaches... will never let you down

For all your world, the treasures, For your battles lost and won

Nothing left to measure, It's you and me and the colour of the sun... colour of the sun.
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