Vado - Frank White lyrics
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Vado - Frank White lyrics

Whole sales yo boy held'em
Meet me at the plaza hotel you won't welcome
You're right homey I'm the one
Dressed in all white on me like a nun
Doors viper here the room
Falls me spitting I'm nicer with a gun
Offer the lamb drive in the big truck in
I go so ham the pigs love it
Don't get comfy white shit what the wig flog it
Your kid got it your white with the smuffs off it
It was all good just so we could go
Open a lot of doors just to see you go
Break a day now like yeah I need to go
It's my turn, it's my turn
Uh, brighter hell will spit dark nights
Then you back with this shot right
All this talk about king of New York
Get you clapped then hop right on March night
1 AM at the stop light
All fair facts and hit the Nets cap
Put the driver on so to stand rack
You'll be wearing that
Fuck who they could pin I ain't hearing that
I'm in the booth mask on cause they scared of that
I'll be the truth back and forth ball passing
Step back and shoot not in shoot where I'm airing that
Hood rich or to pin it down on the floor shit
In the M bout the flow shit
New deal come around
1.2 mill on the ground watch the fall flip
They only got a wing cause we forfeit
Still I hold my city up without a fork lift
Niggers used to big me up but now it's awkward
Cause the bitches that they fuck I done oft it
Don't worry bout it kid we get the neck shit
It's bout to be that we the west shit
Couple check VLT the rebel vet shit
Know to snap up like warm up suits

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