Cascada - Independence Day lyrics
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Cascada - Independence Day lyrics

Slob On My Cat,
Get it nice and wet
Check in with me,
Holla at La'Chat

Fuck with your girl (girl)
Lick on my pearl (pearl)
Suck up all the nut,
Like you was a squirrel (squirrel)
Lay me on the bed (bed)
Tongue between my legs (legs)
OOh you got me shakin',
I grip you by your head
You naughty, naughty boy
You good at this of course
The way you got me cummin',
You did this shit before
Now you wanna hit (hit)
Cuz you took a lick (lick)
Leave your dick hard,
Go holla at your bitch
I met two niggaz, said they wanna fuck
One ate my pussy and the other licked my butt
Fuckin' with this dude, I'm finna let him hit
He got a fine body with a little bitty dick
Little do he know, (know)
What I'm all about, (bout)
Call up my girls, his face on the house

Eat a bitch cat or some... (Cat or some)
Eat a bitch cat or some... (Cat or some)
Eat a bitch cat or some... (Cat or some)
Eat a bitch cat or some... (Cat or some)

I'm known to be a mack,
Straight up out the south
Lookin' for the boys,
With golds in their mouth
Ride niggaz' golds, is the shit I do (do)
If the shit is good, you'll do my whole crew
I'm never saving cap (cap)
Put it on the map (map)
Toss you to a friend,
Your face in her lap
Know how freaky do (do)
And Westwood
Like Nigga Click, does it real good
He the type of dude, down for that trickin'
Never wanna fuck, just do the lickin'
You can get me sprung (sprung)
When that gap is fie (fie)
I'll burn you up, I ain't gon' lie
Call my girls again (gain)
Time to go out (out)
Hit Bill Street, lookin' so stout
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