R Kelly - 3 Way Phone Call lyrics
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R Kelly - 3 Way Phone Call lyrics

(Feat. Kelly Price)


Hey little brother

Hey sis how you doing ?

Fine, what's going on with you

Oh nothing much

Got your message from earlier this afternoon

And something just didn't sound right

And so I'm calling you back to check on you

How you holding up

Oh everything is fine

You know I don't believe you

What you saying ? You think I'm lying ?

I'm not saying it, but I know you

How you know me ?

'Cause you're my brother

And therefore I can tell

When something is troubling you

Okay, okay I give you that

Nothing's wrong, I take that back

There is something on my mind

But sis, I don't want to waste your time

But I done told you time and time again

Whatever you're going through

You can come and talk to me

And I will say a prayer with you

But I done prayed and prayed night and day

Mmm-hmm Mmm-hmm I still can't seem to find my way

Rob that ain't nothing but the devil telling you

That you're washed up and you're through

But sister's here to let you know

Boy you're gonna make it through

Sister, do you really believe that I can rise again ?

Yes, and not only that, Rob, God will forgive you for your sins

T tell me what to do ?

Well first you gotta believe the truth

Sometimes it's hard to believe in Him

That's okay because he believes in you


The winds, the rain

The storm

The weapons that are formed against us (whoo, I will survive)

The trying times (oh)

The sleepless nights

Just know that faith is with us (oh, and I believe yeah)

Through all of the hills (oh)

And valleys roamed (just)

That we must come to (whoa)

Walk side by side (yes)

Follow the light (follow)

And know we'll make it through (yeah, we'll make it through yeah

So, so what you're saying is believe a little more ?

Yes, 'cause faith is the key that will opens up the door

What you're saying to me, it's hard to receive

Especially when trouble follows me

When we're keeping it real

Robert sometimes

Trouble can follow where you lead

Yes sister, I know sometimes, but I...

Just wait, let me make a phone call

To who ?

A prayer buddy of mine

She can help you tear down your walls

I don't want nobody in my business

She's a friend

And besides you need this

You know how church folk can be

Boy I'm your sister, trust in me

Mmm Mmm Now hold on...

Maybe she's gone...


Maybe we ought to just try...


Shh-shh, hello, is Kim there ?

Yes, I think she's around here somewhere

Hold on

Now you just let me do the talking

Mmm-hmm Mmm-hmm Hello ?

Hey girl, how you doing ?

Hey Kelly

My little brother's on the line and needed advice from you

Ooh what can I do for you ?

Hello ?

Go ahead Rob, she's talking to you

Oh, well I know you must be very busy

So I'm not gon' mess around, uh

Just telling my sister how my life is upside down

And I don't know whether I'm going left or right half the time

Sometimes think I'm gonna lose my mind, you feel me ?

Mmm-hmm... similar to what I used to go through

Really ?

Yes, and sometimes I still do

Yeah ?

See it doesn't matter who you are

Or where you're from

If you struggle, God will use you

Amen sister, what you're saying is so true

Rob are you there ?

Yes, I'm just listening to the both of you

It's so easy to say, but not so easy to do

Yes but if you stand the truth

It will free you

Oh Oh Just stand strong

Stand strong

With your head held high

With your head held high

Said it wont be long

In time he will provide

Mmm-hmm Will he ?

Yes he will

You just stay in the race

Just stay in the race

And keep on running

And down to the end

For your day is coming

For your day is coming


I know it, He'll give you peace

In the midst of your storm

Sometimes I feel like it's too late for me

But He'll never leave you

No way

You just gotta hang on

Hang on

Robert say a prayer (yeah) keep your head (I feel it)

God will do just what He said

Finally I think I get it

Yes, that's it

That's the spirit

[Chorus] till end

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