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Quest - Primetime lyrics

Tell me to slow it down
Tell me to slow it down
Tell me to slow it down

Homie is primetime
Don't get me ridiculous notice is the fine line
Twin of love, twin of hate
... I'm Alexander the Great, great
You down it is nothing special
Groupies love you a minute then proceed to forget you
That's mama nigga come met me
Like when you make it remember me
Retarded and make me follow me
You promised that you'll remember me
I'm a... in the jungle nigga what else
The hit is motha f*cka... nigga
Shever... it was coldest December
September is very on... runnin by... on a surface
Inside else rain eternally
How they've been seeing toast can a nigga burn with me
Me a... to the coffee I'm in my shoppest
Mie said fine said best with killer office
Joh... when I spit it chest too...
Niggas won't test don't ever... no want you
Life is a pressing but after surround the corners

Damn not never ever allow what being said
Now damn never ever what being said
Man damn never ever what being said
Now now now what I mean

It's the... is the team
Deserve my fact when it's the dream
Manifesting our blesses when you ever seen
What time is it?
Prime time eyes over the globe
... indication G's follow my road
Niggas pocking my space stood won't stay any...
... so f*ck it I'm on the road
Get it this is Johnny stay it committed
They way is get for no really I'm out to make it my business
And I should dress better... mean to please seas
All these liars and the... new... 'cause soon is looking for...
Probably your image, musical time to require your diminish
She isn't finish that's why I'm...
Remind you passes of... exaggerated but none
Kept you... I'm exhausted then work hard no making...
... now it's... everything is... so many ways to...
I guess I'm... my name is
Still I find myself get in silence mothers... dying
... smells in...
My music great I sweet the sound... to the ground
Forgive me Lord... never do this shit again
It's primate... it's the part of the plan... stay away

Never ever what being sayin...
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