Gucci Mane - Baby Wipes lyrics
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Gucci Mane - Baby Wipes lyrics

She know now you hold tonight my bitch she need some baby wipes
She know now you hold tonight my bitch she need some baby wipes
Some baby wipes,
She know now you put those suits man and he need some baby wipes

Is Gucci I need some baby wipes

‘Cause such and... and glass and shoes and builds that’s where my lady like
She know now these hoes are frontin next to how that Mercedes right
My bitch ball hard but you broke hoes ain’t got no word to stay tonight
I’m whinin the lambo home... sick your bitch that’s 8 to 5
I’m kicking dope on selling kush I feel like it’s the... life
I told the yellow above to chick to get her why to say it twice
I got them stupid benz I told the dealer man don’t say no price
He married the freak they throwin rice I pay the man to throw the fight

Versace things and glass... and shooters with my lady like
She know now you hoes tonight I think she need some baby wipes
Super money ball so hard I might just pay tonight
We breaking baby bottles in the club but we aint’ babies right
My girl ball so hard what a... she need some baby wipes
They coming here but play no games with ya’ll I came to ball tonight
Them bridge squad niggas done for flexin hard I got em on my eye
I tip that bitch is in my section ya’ll they need some baby watch

You the lean tight I try to find em I’m in the fam of ghost truly baby mama find em
Put them hands on the nigga... hind em for time grinder
Need a bad bitch but it ask like a grip, always see fight
Oh pay for a trips, out in Vegas and I just roll trips
That’s there every time I flip
Red bottles with the burkin bag
Fake titties with the fake old ass
Watch a squad nigga ball no cash,
4-50 ain’t Gucci just passed
Real niggas with this bad bitches like
As it spay nigga got me leanin to the right
Me and Gucci throw money all night
Met her in the club for the inner same night
She be ballin don’t do BB G Versace show her ass
In the club she got her own sexy body just to break
She’ll be throwin on her ass, got that D girl swag
MCM upon her bag, fire nigga no Jack legs

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