T. Edwin Doss - The Ghost Of Jenny Hill lyrics
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T. Edwin Doss - The Ghost Of Jenny Hill lyrics

Listen while I tell a true story how a
Young girl lost her life She lived on
The isle of Chincoteague back in Eighteen Eighty-five
The daughter of a farmer, she was a beauty fair
The favorite of her mother,
The girl with the golden hair Tom Freeman was a drifter employed on her
Father’s farm No learning and no
Future…... sailor’s tattoos on his arms
In his lustful mind he loved Jenny….He would not be denied
Permission to court that tender girl to satisfy his pride
But, Mother Hill refused him….two times maybe more
Within him boiled a fiery rage of violence and turmoil
He pulled a pistol from his
Belt…... Shot both with twisted strife Then put
The gun to his head and took his dreadful life
The ships would ring their quarter bell as they passed the island shore
Sailors who heard the story, tipped their caps in deep
Remorse Some folk say they still see her
As she walks the shoreline there Singing her
Beautiful melody as she did in the village square
Often when the oceans calm and Chincoteague nights are still
In the light of the moon she walks the
Dunes…... the ghost of Jenny Hill Jenny lay dying through evening hours
Never speaking Tom Freeman’s name While the tearful
Town in their torment kept his body yet unclaimed
Jenny was finally laid to rest in the sandy soil she once knew
On an early, misty summer morn skies broken, topaz
Blue She once said she’ld never leave her home by the restless sea
The island would never let her go…she lives on
In mystery Many who stroll the
Gentle tides are left with the haunting choice
Was that the wind in the dune grass…... or was that Jenny’s voice?

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