Headstones - Burning lyrics
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Headstones - Burning lyrics

She's disconnected she can't connect
She'll kick a chair away with a rope around her neck
She's burning yeah she's burning
She intends to burn
She said she loved me and she kissed me when she said it
I said nothing lasts forever and I meant it
A tooth for a tooth
An eye for an eye
And in the end the whole world goes blind
'Cause we're burning, yeah we're burning
We intend to burn
The dealing's done this thing is stacked
Won't be too much longer now 'til we collapse
I can't shoot it home there ain't no place to send it
Won't fix it there ain't no need to mend it
We're burning yeah we're burning
Everybody burns
The whole thing it'll never change
When they took themselves they took my faith
She's disconnected she can't connect
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