Lucky Boys Confusion - One To The Right lyrics
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Lucky Boys Confusion - One To The Right lyrics

Still wandering
Keeping my sanity
But they won't let me dream to live or live to dream
I'm still envisioning I'm singing to herd of thousands
Soul searching for the few things that will make life all right
Pointless persecution, interrogate the hype
Pretending I'm respecting who I secretly fight
One to the right
Push me to the side
Two minutes to decide what I'm say tonight
One to the right
Push me to the side
Two minutes to decide what I'm going to do with my life
Replacing ideals that would break trust down
I'm the king of apathy don't care to wear your crown
Brain children , the lemming, they suffocate my rise
Standing on hilltops, smiling, watching me breakdown'
Cutting through the fabrics of this physical relationship
The understanding was the part they decided to skip
They have the same eyes but they see things a little differently
Some blind themselves and some open their eyes to the world you see
Went to sleep on a bed of nails
You were so smart covered up your trails
Your mouth is dry and your life is stale
You always have a gun if all else fails
Sex is never just sex again
Why can't a partner just be your friend
Can we converse without a fight
And will it really matter if I spend the night
Not a pre-madonna rock star just being my crazy self always
Then you shun me to the corner cause I choose not to participate
My thoughts are running wild got to let them free emancipate
You thought you had me trapped but there is one more move, checkmate
Spent all my time on popularity and I accept my duality
But I'm growing out of it

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