Chimaira - Refuse To See [bonus Track] lyrics
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Chimaira - Refuse To See [bonus Track] lyrics

One more time I feel my life slip
Through my finger trips I cry
My eyes bleed with pain
You never understood how I felt
You always shunned my damned existing fate
You ran away from me

He thought he could run away
Told him pain denies soul
Save your life
Refuse to see

He’ll refuse to see
How my life is really going
The time to worship but he doesn’t care
But at one time he did
After 600 years it didn’t help
This goddamn trial is done

You thought you could run and hide
You thought you could rise up
Motherfucker you were wrong
Refuse to see

Led to believe
I could gain your respect
You never felt the need
Except at one time
His hands red with blood
Crucified a martyr for my sins
It didn’t help
My soul will soon die like Him

One more day has gone by
No one mourns his passing
The final shot went through
His pain gone
Crucified all his ways
So many days filled with pain
Crucified all his sorrow
Refuse to see
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