X Japan - Scars (english Version) lyrics
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X Japan - Scars (english Version) lyrics

Pieces of rusty nails
Falling from my lips
The pain is left on my tongue
I pry open my wounds

Wash down the celluloid dreams, right now
Tattoos of four characters, over my sealed scars

Within the rhythm that's begun to slip off
The restless and dancing melody
Without noticing the different buttons
I continued to play it
Smeered in colorless flowers, dance
Give me a kissed when I'm stretched out

Your face dissolves in the wind
It says "I want to tear you to pieces", and I wish to be wounded
Your broken melody won't come around again
Disappear, even if your scream out
Even tomorrow
You'll still have your same shadow

I won't say it again
There is no confusion about
The prayer I made to time
The days that
We shared our love
Oh... Oh... Oh... Oh, Oh, Oh...

When I weep within my ears
A repeated voice tears out my heart

Love brilliant scars
Paint brilliant tomorrow
Sing brilliant song for myself

Someday the scenery of the tomorrow that we hoped for
The scent of purple will rise, smeared in happiness
Now, waiting impatiently for a white tomorrow that has opened
If I move forward with my eyes open
Your hand that grasps my hair from behind
Won't make your broken melody come around again
The twisted melody
Continues to sound out
Inside of me

Dead Poem's Still Alive
Dead Poem's Still Alive into me
Dead Poem's Still Screamin'
Dead Poem's Still Screamin' into me
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