Dir En Grey - Filth (english Version) lyrics
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Dir En Grey - Filth (english Version) lyrics

Sadistic Sadistic, Stimulate the Sadist.
Sadistic Sadistic, Bury the Sadist
Sadistic Sadistic, Sever the Masochist
Sadistic Sadistic, Let's begin our Platonic Love

The yellowish greedy bugs are my frustrated sympathizers
The rotten apple in my gastric juices.
Won't you try some of the soup of sexual desire *1
The dripping pink maggots soaked in the Formaldhyde of Sadistic Desire
The rotten strawberry down in there *2
A sour marinee prepared with blood.

Filth Hi

Let's see a movie. Just as I promised to you, holding hands.
At night we bid farewell, before the strawberry and the apple go rotten
My dream grows. Kissing you just as I promised I would,
I bid farewell to you. Let's enjoy the last supper. *3

Filth Hi

Sadistic Sadistic, Devour the Sadistic
Sadistic Sadistic, Sadistical, Horror.
Here comes my Sadistic Stimulation
Come one and all to see! *4
Sadistic Sadistic, Synchro Prepared Retro Horror

The Festival of Carnal Desire will be begin.
The Festival of Sexual Desire will be begin.
The Unstoppable Sadistic Festival
Rapid Flesh Psycho Horror
Orange Juice with LIVER!
Sweet Curry with KIDNEY!
Pescatore prepared with PANCREAS!
Beloved Beloved Psycho Horror.
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