Kenny Rogers - A Poem For My Little Lady lyrics
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Kenny Rogers - A Poem For My Little Lady lyrics

She's young and soft and kind
And she deserves a whole lot better
Than a guitar picking drifter
Who never gave a damn

And if loving me is all she ever wants
I'm gonna let her
And I'll try to be the kind of man
She thinks I am

She makes those little kitten sounds
And trembles when I love her
She makes me feel so big
And strong and mean

She whispers how she cannot wait
To be my baby's mo-other
She's the only glimpse of God
I've ever seen

Her mama should have warned her
Never take up with a poet
For poet's travel rocky roads
In search of truth in life

I'm the only blemish on her virgin soul
But she don't know it
And I thank the Lord, she's lying gentle
By my side tonight
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