Conejo - City Lights lyrics
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Conejo - City Lights lyrics

I was young when I learned I was raised to hustle
Seen the OG's do it how their varrio had muscle
And I look up to the killers trying to figure it out
But it was up to me to get my name some cloud
Immersed in the world all this gangs and drugs
When the feds got involved I started checking for bugs
Ese phone taps lies communications applied
With this cold breaking bitches wanna eat me alive
And since 87 I was banned from heaven
At the local many months I put them two eleven's
I got the back cave counting money I made
Just saying to myself ese you truly deranged
I'm ah dead man walking but that four-five talking
To any muthufucker in my way that's blocking
They started dropping every single night
I was stoned in the ranger under the city light
I was lost for ah minute but I came out the maze
I just blazed ah pound of Cali bomb
They said I couldn't do it but I'm proving em wrong
So I bathed in the enemies blood
I'm ah G from the block with the ice and the rocks
This dooms day I bring doom to your day
Elimination of ah rider was the way I sprayed
I'm describing L.A when it's over or loaded
Ese twenty gauge loaded snapped back and exploded
I was molded into the boss of bosses
I'm ah brizzy muthufucker Cold Desi I sparked it
Dogs barking at the black intruders
Them Jamaicans wanna jack me for the snow and the
They was juras in dreadlocks wigs
City nights city lights may be rest in piss
I came out the wound ese rolling ah dutch
Ese chirping the homies now they swooping me up
I rose up from the ashes of blunts
That was there by the massives to the homies in chucks
Soy Conejo The Mexican thug
Mean mug two snubs associated with drugs
I remained so icy cold
Cold defendence in my case making moves so bold
The L.A's most wanted 800 list
They put my picture up on top
They got ah call from his snitch
Send your bitch not the bounty hunter
So I can knock his ass out and car jack his brother
Then slap his son and continue to run
Get some head from his bitch before I smuggle ah ton
That was fun and I'm still number one
Now everything is right under them city lights
The city lights in the City of Angels
Light up all the city like ah Saos with candles
To the scandals and the homies that smandle
Spraying up the walls in the varrio that's mandal
Gots to handle this the businessy shambles
Fucking with my money fighter jets get scrambled
Get ah Rambo trade ah brick for some ammo
Enemigas getting guerra muthufuckers get canceled
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