Conejo - C Rock Turnt Up lyrics
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Conejo - C Rock Turnt Up lyrics

C Rock turnt up ese live from the spot
Yellow tape white chalk deuce five e the blocks
Somos los Harpy's, now make ah left on Hoover's
And pull up to the park, and greet this shooters
Yeah, rappers think I'm playing
Till they see the ski mask and ah tilo spraying
That's what I'm saying though, ain't no fussing
Drive by killing out the window busting
Yes I'ma ride up on the sports arena
LA gang war gotta sleep with the nina
Have you seen her, gots to leave her dorm
And ese people work here and they say she informing
Ah snitch ass bitch over my dead body
I rode up to her job jumped out with the shotty
Blap Blow, took her ass to the grave
I'm on some oldschool shit, now I'm up in the shade
I know you heard, that we got them birds
Bounce to the ice and the hydro herb
Word, so get like me
And you might get served like ah quarter key
Desert 50 at your wrist give 'em mad as fuck
State of mind so rough that you might get snubbed
Got the Uzi in the duffle for some times like this
Homie scorting through my building, amongs the feins
I came too far, to lose my focus
Bags of kush, where my people toking
You know the slogan, if it's not broken
Don't try to fix C Loco rolling
Subliblical collection at your local swaptmeet
Vendors got me, no one stops me
I'm ah villain to the game, I'm pure extorting
Ese hit your ass off, with ah felony potion
One time know the time they don't cross the line
Cus if they do. that ass is mine
Keep my eyes on the cheese fuck ah hoe from your city
Later mama get wet, had to smash the kiddy
I spray paint walls, and but out malls
Go at it with ah rival till his soldiers fall
But that's not it, that's only ah start
Muthufuckers rank out, they ain't got no heart
So check yourself, before you wreck yourself
Cus with them boys from the H you could never tell
Cus half the funerals, is always murder
Blood money get the case and retain this for lawyers
Cus that's what it be, guaranteed I'm heat
This ah mixtape bitch, so take ah seat
In your bed in your car in your ipod listen
And count all the years C Rock's been missing
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