Conejo - Do You Still Care lyrics
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Conejo - Do You Still Care lyrics

[Frank V]
It's been ah little minute since I first got down
Back in the day when NWA
Could say fuck the police on thee original K-day
Thought I was Ice Cube went and bought an Ak
Sprayed some boys in the hood but don't quote that
Thought I was Eazy when I got my first dope sack
Busting dope raps serving all the feins
Drug money was legit rap money just ah dream
But the dream came true, when Kid Frost came through
I heard La Raza shit I could do the same too
So I rep the brown, it never stayed in town
Those were the days for today I still put it down
For all the fans they feel they got disconnected
From the game when the lames came and wreck it
But if you want the real baby I'm still here
Are you still there tell me do you still care
Tell me, do you still care
For me, for me
Tell me, do you still care
For me, for me
I came in gang banging, on the mic
Ese fresh off the street in my Cortez Nikes
Ese beach cruiser bikes smoking primos at night
On some territory shit enemiga in sight
I knew how to fight so I put 'em together
My 4 track demo is gon' last forever
Cus I'm clever, with the shit I said
Just ah boy from the block West Side LA
I made ah feel with the devil, I traded my soul
Didn't know what I was doing till my heart turned
And that brought a lot of trouble, into my life
Along with classic LP's about my struggle's and
But still I gotta ask, if you still care
If not I'll pay ah visit in your next nightmare
That's only fair, cus I've done this for you
Even risk my own freedom this notorious foo
Tell me, do you still care
For me, for me
Tell me, do you still care
For me, for me
It's thee origional OG everybody knows me
Started in the 80's with that homie Ice T
I'm ah West Coast pioneer set it off leather way
Hell chicano rap, foo's streets of East La
20 years later, look at me still on the scene
Grinding hard stacking greens still doing music
So tell me, do you still care
To all my loyal fans are you still there
Put in the air, throw it in the sky
I'ma do this music shit until the day I die
I look up in the sky, you know I stay strong
They wanna play my music even when I'm dead and gone
The legacy I left behind you never gave my songs
I hope my spirit feels it everytime you put it on
Until my dying day, I live life like ah boss
It's Viva La raza, y Viva Kid Frost
Tell me, do you still care
For me, for me
Tell me, do you still care
For me, for me
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