Conejo - Hot On The Trail lyrics
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Conejo - Hot On The Trail lyrics

Their hot on the trail, but the trail went cold
And maybe that's because, I sold my soul
I love my town, and my town love me
But if it catch me slipping I'll be RIP
2 1 3, murder at night
Ski mask boy, the rough neck type
Who said, that I can't rap
Yes I could rap fucken circles, around this rats
And deadly decisions, always get tooken
This lame muthufuckers always catching ah whooping
They mentally fuck, from the side they get snuffed
I cock back the hammer, and blow off their top
Retaliation's ah must, that's why I must bust
There's ah rumble in the jungle and I'm kicking up
That's us, gun's out the window
Whole back to the park, and spark that endo
My escape, let's get that cash
All for me, that copper badge
Stay away from the trash on my trips to jail
That's me wearing Chuck's through malicious scale
I'll pay ah visit, to the depths of your mind
Before I came to you you was walking around blind
Open your eyes, to this ghetto life
Same story different person he relate to mine
And the revolver, is the problem solver
When the chamber start spinning enemy get calmer
Cus I regulate your spot in ah matter of seconds
My lyrical force, is the ultimate weapon
The blood path, got you doing the math
But many gotta go and face the aftermath
On fein service, till the day I die
My catalog enormous it just multiply
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