Conejo - I Did You Wrong lyrics
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Conejo - I Did You Wrong lyrics

The gates of hell, te van a tragar
El infierno es mi base no lo puedes parar
Los oigo hablar, pura basura
Jeringa full of tar es tu unica cura
Y la pista, siempre oscura
C Roca from the street with that gang gordura
Mi vida's dura, visions en tu mente
See it for yourself no dejes que te encuentre
Evidente, que yo tengo mi jente
I serve fucken rhymes to all my jentes
So check it, I go deep within
Excel in this shit with my deadly pen
Let us begin, to handle business
Dawg sending muthufuckers on them suicide missions
Burn bridges, withcraft at ah distance
I strike on point with the fucken quickness
Producers get scared, to give me some heat
Cus once I take over they get no cheese
No points no pay they got nothing to say
If they show up at my pad they gon' meet the K
I've been praised, for setting ablaze
I brung the flames of hell with ah musical fraze
So today, newspaper reads
Ah fugitive prosein homie prey ah beast
Buddha bless
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