Broadways - Tv Song lyrics
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Broadways - Tv Song lyrics

I've seen the stupid stare on thousands of our faces
watched my thoughts carelessly fall away while I fumbled for the right words to say
my brain is such a mish-mash of mtv videos and vast and vacant spaces.
And I look around and see 1000 drooling idiots just the fuckin' same as me.
We've been weened on Mr. Rogers we all worship the tv that sucks our fuckin' imaginations from our heads
and no one wants to see the generation of zombies in their fuckin' sick parade
marching forward to the baet of "house of style" and "singled out"
but i flip to it the same as you bored shitless on my couch
And why am i bored?
it's because when i was growing up i saw everything played out
and i could flip the channel tirelessly
and since I was so capable my attention span shrunk to fit to the point where I reject things that aren't syntheic blobs of shit
I want an easy answer I need a fuckin' catch all phrase
I don't have the time or the patience to read a book
and figure shit out for myself when it's spelled out for me as pain as fuckin' day
and with pretty flashing lights and sounds to keep me entertained.
I'm like a dog trained by a box "like" and "totally" fill my day
and "i think i'm going crazy man," has become fucking cliche
and i think I'm going crazy or was i just raised that way
and I think hard about nothing as I stare off into space
cuz we need to turn our heads on cuz our brains are getting soft,
so exercise your brain and turn the tv fuckin' off, whoa.
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