Broadways - I Think That I Shall Never See... lyrics
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Broadways - I Think That I Shall Never See... lyrics

3000 years ago the world was a giant place.
expansive forests untouched lands
skies were for the birds, trees were forever and natures worst invention had yet to form a plan
but our population grew
and with it grew ambition and desire to conquer all we can
own what we cannot, throw the unnecessary away
today only 5% of the forests in our country exist
of what there was just 200 years ago
and beautiful feats of nature formed
by thousands of years of patient practice
are destroyed without a second thought for "precious" resources
that will make the economny grow
my grandparents had never seen a plane,
a skyscraper, or a motor car or a cellphone or tv
my parents worked so hard to destroy the gifts given to us
now my grandchildren will never see a tree
someday i'll take a small child
down to the last grass covered hill in my town
and say "the whole world was once like this and more"
but words and photographs won't make them understand
the dinosaurs have been around for thousands of more
years than we could ever hope to be
and isn't it ironic we're the ones destroying earth
instead of the planet killing me
a friend of mine used to deep sea dive
but he doesn't do it anymore
he get stears in his eyes when you ask him why and says
"the ugliest stretch of ocean floor 10 years ago
is a thousand times more beautiful than the most beautiful today"
that was just ten years ago
only ten fuckin' years ago
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