Cannibal Corpse - Bloodstained Cement lyrics
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Cannibal Corpse - Bloodstained Cement lyrics

Stalking his prey
He prepares for the ambush
I hear his steps
But without trepidation
Hyper aware
I will strike back
When he brandished the blade
Gave his intentions away
Back to the wall, I have no choice
It's time to fight or die
I will respond with overwhelming force
A switch turns on and I must survive
Fearless resolve
As I spring into action
Quickly disarm
And remove his advantage
Only one thing on my mind
Stop his attack
Now he's on the defense
Momentum is shifting my way
A savage brawl, I hear his voice
Pure terror in his cries
Break his balance, slam him to the ground
Following through to stay alive
Landing multiple blows
The blood is starting to spray
Will not stop till I am sure
The threat has been put down
Raining down with forearm thrusts
Torrents of blood flow from his eyes
Bloodstained cement
No weakness to exploit
His ambush failed
Hammer fists break facial bones
Knuckles bleed from shards of teeth
Smash his skull onto the pavement
Make the bastard pay
Don't stop until it cracks
And spills out his brain
Bloodstained cement
When he chose me as prey
A fatal mistake was made
Consequences of his choice
Led to his bloody end
Warning potential assailants
Target you choose could be your death
Such a grisly display
The ultimate price has been paid
Standing breathless I see him
Dead in a pool of blood
Never again will he terrorize
Executed by his final mark
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