Monica - Sideline Ho lyrics
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Monica - Sideline Ho lyrics

Ho, Ho, Sideline Ho, Youse a ho, youse a ho, sideline ho

[Verse 1:]
When you called his phone, did he pick it up
Noooooooooo, cause we was makin love.
Did you meet his moms have you met his kids noo ooh o did you know my kid is his
Noo ooh o.

Get your shit togehter youre makin a foolof yourself, it don't matter if he spends the night his home is
somewhere else Ain't you tired of being on the side line, tired of getting yours after i gets mine baby
second place don't get a prize when you gone relize you wasting your time baby ain't you tired of him
leaving you broken whip and he rolling and ain't you tired of when you need a little change and he lie
about what he holdin, ain't you tired of spending all the holidays alone, tired of being his little
sideline ho

Do he take you out, do he foot your bills, noo ooh o, cause I know what his balance is have you been to
his church, do he ask you to pray, nooo ooh o cause sundays Family day


[Bridge x2:]
Do you got benefits, no, credit cards, no, house keys, no, then youse a sideline ho, do you get pillow
talk, no, held at night, no, if you don't make his breakfast then youse a sideline ho


Youse a ho, Youse a ho, sideline ho

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